EULAR On-line Course on Rheumatic Diseases (2 year course)

The EULAR On-Line Course on Rheumatic Diseases is an electronic form of continuous medical education in rheumatology. The course is managed by a scientific course committee responsible for controlling the structure and content of the course and for ensuring regular quality control and advancement.

The full version of the course covers the entire field of rheumatology and consists of 42 illustrated modules, each one covering a specific topic. Each module corresponds to approximately eight hours of study for the student, totalling around 336 hours of educational training. The course operates through the web for the duration of two years with an automatic extension of one year in case the modules are not completed after 2 years or if the exam is failed once. It will finish with an on-line exam and upon passing, with a EULAR certificate.
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Technical requirements

Knowledge and skills are targeted to suit a level of knowledge appropriate for the final years of training as a rheumatologist. The on-line course was developed with a substantial grant from EULAR and is continuously highly subsidised by EULAR, so that the entire course can be offered at EUR 115 per participant. Discounted price for low and middle income countries with GDP below 10'000US$: EUR 86. Please refer to official list.

Please consider the EULAR Textbook on Rheumatic Diseases,  2015 edition, for only 135 plus shipment (30 EUR).
The course and Textbook can also be ordered directly with the on-line registration.


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12th EULAR On-line Course on Rheumatic Diseases (2 year course)

The course starts on 5 September 2017, registration opens in April 2017

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