EULAR Congress Committee

The Committee supports EULAR's aims to reduce the impact of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) on the individual and society and to improve the social position and the quality of life of people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Europe. 

In furtherance of these aims, the Committee focuses on the organisation and guidance of the EULAR Congress, in particular: 

  • Developing a high quality programme;  
  • guiding the scientific abstract management process: 
  • guiding the overall organisation and set up of the EULAR Congress; 
  • having balanced content, speakers and representation. 
  • The Committee does not pursue gainful or self-help purposes. 

Congress Committee By-Laws


Chair Annamaria Iagnocco
Past-Chair Iain McInnes


Committee members

Programme Chair Hendrik Schulze-Koops, Germany
Abstract Chair Marta Mosca, Italy

Vice-President representing EULAR PARE Elsa Mateus, Portugal
EULAR PARE Chair Souzi Makri, Cyprus
Vice-President representing the EULAR HPR Thea Vliet-Vlieland, Netherlands
EULAR HPR Chair Ricardo Ferreira, Portugal
EMEUNET Chair Kim Lauper, Switzerland
EMEUNET Daniele Mauro, Italy
EULAR PAED Chair Michael Beresford, United Kingdom

Vice-President representing Scientific Societies Zoltan Szekanecz, Hungary

Scientific Societies
George Bertsias, Greece
Cosimo De Bari, Italy
Ori Elkayam, Israel
Peter Mandl, Austria


Education Chair Christopher Edwards, United Kingdom
Research Chair Dirk Elewaut, Belgium
Quality of Care Chair Robert Landewe Quality of, Netherlands
Advocacy Chair Loreto Carmona, Spain


Co-opted members
Annelies Boonen, Belgium
Simon Fillatreau, France
Gabriel Herrero-Beaumont, Spain
Kassim Javaid, United Kingdom
Gerhard Krönke, Germany
John McBeth, United Kingdom
Mwidimi Ndosi, United Kingdom
Denis Poddubnyy, Germany
Francisca Sivera, Spain


Advisory members
Mariana Kaplan, United States of America
Carlo Vinicio Caballero Uribe, Colombia
Eric Morand, Australia
Marco Testa, Italy
Chak Sing Lau, Hong Kong
Dieter Wiek, Germany

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