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The EULAR HPR (Health Professionals in Rheumatology) Committee's main function is to promote multidisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Europe.

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Ongoing Initiatives


  • EULAR Implementation of a mobile health app for the self-management of juvenile-onset rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases during transitional care: a patient-centered approach. The Move-Up implementation project
    Convenor: F. Estévez Lopez


  • EULAR recommendations/points to consider for the non-pharmacological management of connective tissue diseases with focus on systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis
    Convenor: Carina Bostrom


  • Defining and optimising the use of qualitative research in the development of EULAR recommendations/points to consider
    Convenor: Annette de Thurah


  • Increasing work participation across Europe, part II 
    Convenor: Ross Wilkie


  • Increasing work participation across Europe 
    Convenor: Ross Wilkie


  • Implementation of Physical Activity into routine Clinical pracTice in Rheumatic Musculoskeletal Disease: The IMPACT-RMD study 
    Convenor: Georg Metsios


  • Assessing the implementation of the EULAR recommendations for patient education for people with inflammatory arthritis across Europe 
    Convenor: Mwidimi Ndosi


  • People with RMDs will act as multipliers to support others to stay in or return to paid and unpaid work 
    Convenor: Erika Mosor


Published Initiatives

Manuscripts resulting from 13 projects that are not published in the EULAR Journals ARD and RMD Open:

  • Implementation of EULAR Education for HPR in Eastern European countries 
    Convenor: Thea Vliet Vlieland
  • EULAR points to consider/recommendations for the detection, assessment and management of non-adherence in people with RMDs 
    Convenor: Loreto Carmona
  • 2019 EULAR points to consider for non-physician health professionals to prevent and manage fragility fractures in adults 50 years or older
    Convenor: Emalie Hurkman
    Read recommendation
    Read SLR's
    See slide deck
  • Implementing Best practice for Hand Osteoarthritis – a communication project on hand osteoarthritis
    Convenor: Els van den Ende
    Watch the videos through the EULAR School webpage
  • 2019 EULAR recommendations for the role of nurses
    Convenor: Yvonne Eijk-Hustings
    Read the recommendation
    See slide presentation
    Read the lay summary
  • 2019 EULAR recommendations for the generic core competences of health professionals in rheumatology
    Convenor: Thea Vliet Vlieland
    Read the recommendation
    See slide presentation
    Read the SLRs
  • EULAR recommendations for physical activity in people with inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis
    Convenors: Karin Niedermann / Thea Vliet Vlieland 
    Read the recommendation
    See slide presentation
    Lay summary
  • The Health Professionals' Approach to Pain Management in Inflammatory Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
    Convenor: Rinie Geenen                                                                                                             Read the recommendation
    See slide presentation
  • EULAR points to consider for health professionals undertaking musculoskeletal  ultrasound for rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases
    Heidi J Siddle, et al.
    Ann Rheum Dis doi:10.1136/annrheumdis-2016-210741
    Letter Published Online First 9 December 2016
    Read letter
    Read Manuscript
    Read Figure 1
    Read Key Questions
    Read SLR Search Terms
  • EULAR Recommendations/Points to Consider for patient education of people with inflammatory arthritis
    Convenor: Mwidimi Ndosi/Astrid van Tubergen
    Read publication
    See slide presentation here
  • EULAR recommendations for non-pharmacological management of hip and knee osteoarthritis
    Convenor: Thea Vliet Vlieland
    See slide presentation here
  • EULAR recommendations for the role of the nurse in management of chronic inflammatory arthritis
    Convenor: Jackie Hill / Turid Heiberg
  • Evaluation of the current status of extended roles taken by health professionals within Europe – a pilot study in the form of a web-based survey
    Convenor: Tanja Stamm / Jackie Hill
  • Validation of the Educational Needs Assessment Tool as a generic instrument in 7 European countries
    Convenor: Jackie Hill / Mwidimi Ndosi
  • Establishing an international collaborative network of European health professionals in systemic sclerosis (EUSHNet)
    Convenor: Anthony Redmond

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