EULAR Advocacy Partnerships

Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe

The Alliance for Biomedical Research principal goals and objectives are to promote the best interests and values of research across all medical disciplines in Europe. The alliance particularly seeks to facilitate and improve biomedical research, develop a framework for better training and mobility of young researchers and improve public understanding of medical science. EULAR joined the alliance in 2011 and actively participates in its activities.

Read more about the BioMed Alliance Survey on H2020 and key recommendations on H2020 midterm evaluation by clicking here.

Read the BioMed Alliance Position Statement in support of the EU Directive on Animal Research (2010/63/EU) by clicking here.

Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI)

The IMI represents a new approach to research funding at European level. Such Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI) and European Technology Platforms were designed to create private-public partnerships (PPP) for research and development. 

Together with other leading medical societies, EULAR contributed to the establishment of IMI. The IMI research agenda includes an overall section on inflammatory diseases, which includes arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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