EULAR Study Groups

EULAR Study Groups are focus groups in the areas of Clinical Affairs, Epidemiology and Health Services, Health Professionals, Investigative Rheumatology, and PARE People with Arthirtis and Rheumatism.

Each study group is connected to and supported by a EULAR Committee. Each committee is entitled to apply for EULAR endorsement, and also apply for a title for a EULAR Study Group (see related information).


EULAR Quality of Care

Clinical Affairs

Musculoskeletal Imaging


EULAR Research

Epidemiology and Health Services

Investigative Rheumatology


EULAR Representation Committee Study Groups 

Health Professionals in Rheumatology (HPR)

PARE (People with Arthritis and Rheumatism in Europe)

Related Information

Application Form 

In accordance with the EULAR Statutes, it is possible to apply for a title of a EULAR Study Group 

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