Volunteering with EULAR PARE

By volunteering for EULAR PARE, you will be joining a family of people dedicated to making a difference to improve the lives of people with RMDs.

Our volunteers tell us that they benefit from being involved with EULAR PARE by:

  • receiving professional support to develop skills,
  • working as part of a team,
  • meeting like-minded, committed people, and
  • learning more about their own disease and options.

Learn more from the Volunteering with EULAR PARE Brochure how volunteers make a difference for people with RMDs, reducing the burden on individuals and society.


EULAR PARE Working Groups 2022: Spring Call For New Volunteers

The EULAR PARE Committee is delighted to launch the spring call for nominations for our 2022 PARE Working Groups with the national EULAR member organisations of PARE and the PARE Community. We ask for interested volunteers to apply by 15 May 2022.

EULAR PARE volunteer policy


Organisations should be aware of the respective applicants putting themselves forward. Applicants must state whether their organisation is informed and aware of their application.


EULAR PARE Working Groups - Vacancies 2022

Please note that there are limited vacancies. Following the completion of the application form, you will receive a notification regarding the status of your application. 


Who can apply to become a Working Group (WG) member?

  • People eligible to be nominated are people with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal diseases.
  • One seat per Working Group can be given to a person that has specific skills that are useful for the objectives of the Working Group, such as caregivers, parents, spouses, teachers, staff members of PARE organisations or health professionals.
  • One seat per Working Group can be given to a person not representing a EULAR PARE member organisation but an external RMD patient organisation at European or national level.


Application process 

Interested applicants should read the linked working group information sheets (above) carefully and should fill in the online application form. They can apply for more than 1 working group at the same time.


Nominations and Terms for Working Groups

National EULAR member organisations of PARE and external RMD patient organisations at European or national level can nominate members for Working Groups (max. 2 people per working group and preferably from countries which are currently not part of the respective working group) taking into account the task / role descriptions and needed skills which were shared in the call.

The candidate should be actively involved in a preferably user-led organisation and should have experience in different fields of its work, relevant to the vacancy position.

Each candidate must send to the Chairmanship of the PARE Committee his/her CV and fill an application form – see above link - highlighting the specific knowledge and experience useful for a specific Working Group. The Chairmanship of the PARE Committee will send the applications he/she receives to the Working Group, the Working Group Leader and the Working Group Leader-Elect with the request to evaluate them and comment.

The members of the Working Groups are nominated by the Chairmanship of the PARE Committee for a term of two years, starting at the first PARE Committee meeting after their approval. Nomination for a second term is possible. Ideally only one member per country should be represented in a Working Group, geographical spread, gender and age balance should be considered. After serving a maximum of four years in one Working Group it is possible to apply for the involvement in a different working group for a maximum of four years. The maximum consecutive term of office for a Working Group member cannot be longer than eight years. For Working Group members that take over the position of Working Group Leader, the maximum consecutive term of office can be ten years.

The members of the Working Group have the obligation to act in compliance with the statues of EULAR, the By-Laws of the EULAR PARE Committee, these regulations and any other regulations of EULAR or of the Committee.

If you need details on the EULAR data protection policy, please follow this link.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at pare@eular.org. We will get back to all applicants by end of May 2022 latest.


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